Friday, 15 July 2016

Flying an Antique Etching Press to Copenhagen

 The free standing press above is sold to a Danish artist, Mikala Valeur and I have been busy crating it for the flight from Auckland to Copenhagen via Emirates Freight. Building the crate for it and having it protected from any possible shock or harm has been this week's creative journey.
 I like doing things I have never done before and this one was "How the hell am I going to get that as small as possible and as light as possible and protected to survive a fall from a forklift onto concrete as a worst case scenario" type of gig. Each night I have gone to bed with some unsolved problem in the next step of the crating and protection of the press and each morning as I lay in half sleep/half awake mode the perfect idea comes to me for that day's work. That experience, that unfolding, has been very interesting and I felt that I was being led or that I had managed to allow my subconscious to work properly instead of my (former) stress and worry routine.
I have had to use all of my brain and quite enjoyed the experience and I greatly admire Mikala's faith in me which is cool. Her art work is awesome also, check it out at 100percentvaleur, the name of her site

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