Thursday, 26 October 2017

Etching Press for Sale

The bed 605x1200 and felts same size. Can be flown to your door. Anywhere...

Monday, 28 August 2017

Steampunk Etching Presses: Classic Etching Presses' New Models..

On the left a converted Phoenix mangle with cast iron frames, the most common of these antiques and our best seller, this particular one promised to a New Zealand print maker and on the right three Victorian steel tube framed mangle conversions, one with planetary gearing and 28 inch rollers. All these beauties are awaiting the fitting of press bed frames, native timber press bed runners and the beds and felts and new homes in working print studios..

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Katie's Woodcut Press

 The first print on the press in Katie's studio. Katie used a finished reduction woodcut at my studio when picking the press up to assure herself that the single central pressure screw and leaf spring spread the pressure evenly. It does...You can read Katie's story of the creation of the press here:

 Just assembled in Katie's studio Friday evening after she drove down to Waihi and together we dis-assembled it and stowed it all carefully in her vehicle. Katie watched and photographed the dis-assembly  so to learn how to easily reassemble it herself on getting it home. 
All the presses are made to be easy to dis-assemble and reassemble for the purpose of transport and getting up or down stairs and through narrow doors.

The press in my studio a few days before Katie came to get it after all the painting etc. was finished and about to be assembled. 
This particular press was created out of two antique mangles that Katie supplied, some missing parts were supplied by me to make one whole press and the other antique Katie supplied was made into a funky mobile table. Katie's press is intended only for wood and lino cuts in a busy teaching environment and so much cost was saved by not sleeving the rollers in steel and retaining the original single pressure screw and spring set up. 
Later, if Katie wishes to go into intaglio etc., the rollers could be sleeved in steel and double pressure screws created but for now it is just fine

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Flying an Etching Press to Indianapolis part three.. Arrival

 Top picture; at Auckland airport, middle picture; at Kris's house in Indianapolis and below, unpacked and assembled and learning how to speak American..