Saturday, 17 October 2015

Two Table Top Presses Restored

Two Japanese Shin Nihon Zokei table top etching presses restored. The one on the left was restored for a friend and the one on the right was bought in damaged condition from a school and is restored and for sale

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  1. I just purchased a used shin nihon zokei etching press anad would love to know how much it weighs, without the 44 " x 21" press bed and fly wheel. I have to move it to a 2nd floor apartment. It is bolted to a steel (i think table of that size with wheels on one end and a galvanized pipe/pole to fit into a hole so it can be moved about easily. Do you have any ideas about this. Also, I have my converted mangle (about made300 years ago in England with original paint) press to let go to someone else. Your presses are beautiful.

    Please respond if you still do this work. I am going to look at my purchase again this afternoon with a friend who may be able to help me determine my next best plan.
    Blessings to you
    Georgia Sears